5 Amazing Facts About industrial Magnets

For years now, we know that industrial magnets are helping us in the workplace. Without the industrial magnets, our lives would be a lot harder. Just think about construction. How would we be able to build large buildings without the help of the industrial magnets? There are many things about industrial magnets that you probably don’t know. Here are some amazing facts about industrial magnets that most of us didn’t realize.

Interesting places where you can find industrial magnets

We normally think that industrial magnets you can only find in industrial companies. But, there are some places where you can find the industrial magnets that you didn’t realize. Speakers that you use to listen to music are to name just one example. There are some other places in your home as well, where you make use of industrial magnets.

Modern industrial magnets

The Wind turbine generators are a new thing that you can add to our world of technology. But, did you know that the wind turbine generators use industrial magnets to work properly. Without these magnets, you won’t be able to make electricity. Without magnets the wind turbine is just going to produce wind and not change it to electricity.

Medical appliances

When we are in hospital and there are scans that needs to be done, did you ever wonder how the scans get done when the machine don’t use radiation? The answer is quite easy. They are using industrial magnets for making the machine works. An example is the MRI machine. They use magnets to make it possible to show the internal view of the human body without any radiation. We don’t think about these things when we lay in hospital.read full info at http://www.vvdailypress.com/article/20150223/Opinion/150229934


At the recycling centers, they are getting a lot of waste. And, if they must use their hands to find all the metal parts, they are going to take forever just to search for a few metal things within all the garbage. But, instead they are using industrial magnets to make sure that they collecting all the metal out of all the garbage. And, the best part is that only real metal will be collected. The other stuff won’t get stuck to the magnet. This makes recycling way faster and more efficient.checkout more facts from this website here!


We all want the new hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles so that we can save money on petrol or even diesel. But, did you know that most of the hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles are using industrial magnets so that they are able to power their DC motors. Without these magnets, the vehicle will be powerless. More and more vehicles are going to be made that will run with power and not fuel. This is what we all strive for.

Amazing Facts About industrial Magnets

Industrial magnets are not just boring magnets that they uses in industrial companies to lift up heavy metal. Because, we as humans can’t lift heavy metal stuff. But, there are a lot more interesting facts about industrial magnets and the places where we use them, which you didn’t even think off.

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The uses of industrial magnets

There are so many places that use industrial magnets for working purposes. We don’t really think about all the different magnets and their purposes. Some of us don’t ever realize that there are so many uses for industrial magnets. We normally don’t think about these things, but it can be quite interesting to see that really how much industrial magnets are used all over the world. Here are just a few of the uses of industrial magnets.

Different industrial magnets

If we think about magnets, we see the small household magnets that we use for sticking paper unto our fridge, papers like pictures from our children and important notes. But, there are a lot more to magnets than we thought.

Industrial magnets come in a variety of different shapes, different types, sizes and even strength. You won’t belief how many industrial companies do make use of industrial magnets for their everyday work.

Every magnet that is used in the industrial industry needs all different kinds of magnets. And the industrial magnet is therefor coming in such a large variety of types and shapes. Some of the different industrial magnets are:http://www.indmin.com/Article/3425818/Excessive-rare-earth-magnets-subsidies-contributing-to-oversupply-and-poor-efficiency.html

• Permanent magnets,
• Electro magnets,
• Ferrite magnets,
• Rubber magnets,
• Sheet magnets and many more.

Different kinds of industries that uses magnets

You will be surprised on how many industries are making use of industry magnets. If you are sitting and think for a while, you will realize that there isn’t an industry that doesn’t make use of a magnet. Any kind of magnet. Here are just a few of the industries that are using magnets:

• The Automobile industry
• Electronics
• Plastics
• Glass
• Shipping
• Construction
• Mining
• Food
• Pharmaceutical companies

This is just a few of the different industries that are making use of magnets. There are so many other industries, it is uncountable.

The uses for most of the Industry magnets

Even if there is so many different industry companies that are using these magnets, the use for the magnets are mostly the same. Most of these industries are using these magnets for this purpose:

• conveyors,
• plates,
• assemblies,
• separators,
• magnetized pulleys,
• tube grates,
• chutes and cranes

It all depends on the type of industry that is using the industrial magnets. Some of the magnets are lifting, hold, stack and crop heavy loads. This is useful in the industries like construction, shipping, and manufacturing and even mining.

In the food industry, the magnets are picking up any iron particles that might have falling and mixed into the foods. This ensures that there aren’t any accidents when the consumers eating the food with any iron materials inside. This can cause a lot of damage.

industrial magnets

When we are going our own way, every day, we don’t always think of the purposes of the magnets in our lives. Not even to speak about the industrial magnets that we don’t see. And they are one of the magnets that can influence our life’s the most, if the magnets wasn’t there. Just think on how buildings will be built without any magnets for handling the heavy metals. Industrial magnets are more important than what we think.

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